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KARWA CHAUTH: How to Observe and do puja

This Year KARWA Chauth is on November 2nd 2012. This time i will tell you how we can do the Puaj during KARWA Chauth.
'KARWA Chauth' is the festival observed by the married women of our country. It is celebrated for ensuring wedded bliss and wishing long life for their husbands and children.On this day married women keep a fast for the well-being and long life of their husbands. The celebration of Karwa Chauth varies from region to region depending on the culture and traditions of that state.
It falls on the day of Chaturthi ( 4th day of the month ) month of Karthik , Krishna Paksha. Women observe fasts all days long, then worship the 'Karwa' and the elderly woman of the family narrates the legend of Karwa Chauth (the narration of Vrat Katha (Story)). Then they wait for the moon to rise and as soon as the moon is sighted, prayers are offered to the moon. The fasting women first observe the moon through a sieve and then break their fast. The first sip of water and the first bite of food are offered by the husband.

Puja Ki tayari:
Puja Samagri: Things needed to do PujaFruit,Flower,Nariyal (Coconut),Mithai (Sweets) , Mitti ka Karwa: 1 , Jak ka lota:1, Pital ka karwa:1, Chalani, Prasad ke liye Mithai (Sweets),Shiv Parvati Ganesh ki  tasveer,Paan ka patta (betel Leaves)Supari,Deep,Dhoop,Akshat, Agarbatti,Chalani (Sieve),Karwa Chauth Calendar
Note: If you don't have a Peetal Karwa you can use Mitti ka Karwa.

How to do Puja:
  • Clean the Place where you are going to Do Pooja
  • Make a aplana,rangoli aur chok there.
  • Keep one Wooden Plat over it. Cover the wooden Plat by a red Cloth.
  • Keep Shiv Parvati Ganesh Photo Frmae over the wooden Plat. Some People also keep Gaua Maa (made with cow Dung). This is not possible in Cities. So you can do the Puja with Photo Frame only.  When i have observed my 1st Kawa Chauth my mom had send Gaura Ma so i also kept that.
  • Paste the Karwa Chauth Calendar in the Wall where you are doing Puja. Kawra Chuth Calender is easily available in any Puja store and will look like the following: I got 1st type of Karwa Chauth Calendar:

  • Karwa Decoration: 
  • Take Turmeric and add water to the Turmeric and make a smooth Paste. Apply this Turmeric Paste to both the Karwa (Mitti ka Karwa and Petal Ka Karwa).
  • Take one of the Karwa (Mitti ka karwa) add Dhan and sweets onto it. Keep a Lid of Karwa over it. Keep Some Batasa (sugar) and some money over the Lid. Your one Karwa is Ready. This Karwa will be for mother In Law.
  • Take Another Karwa (Pital ka karwa). Repeat the same with this Karwa also. This Karwa will be for You. We will keep both the Karwa near the Shiv Parvati Photo.
  • Take a spherical shape water vessel of made from either brass or copper. Keep it filled with water and keep aside.
  • Light a Akhand Jyoti. which should be Light  throughout while we are Doing Puja
  • Now we will start Puja
How to Start Pooja:
  • First of all we will do the Tilak of Shiv Parvati Ganesha Karthik and Both the Karwa and the Calendar that we have Paste on the Wall.
  • At First we will offer water to the Karwa,karwa chauth Calender and goddess.
  • Then Tilak will be done with Chandan,Sindoor and Akshat.
  • After this we will offer Flowers to the God.
  • Then offer Suhag items to the Maa Parvati ( I have not done as I will be observing Teej Also so mom and mom-in Law i don't have to offer Suhag items as i am doing this in Hartalika Teej). Sughag items include Chudi (Bangles),Bindi,Alta,Mehndi, Comb and whatever you want).
  • After this we will offer the BHOG. Bhog can include the following.
  1. Sweets
  1. Pua or MalPua
  1. Poori
  1. supari Kept on Bettel Leaves.
  • Also keep the gift you have bought for your Mother-In-Law. Mainally people will keep Saree. AS i am leaving alone with my Husband so i have kept money for her and whenever i will visit her i will purchase something and will gift her.
Story Time
  • Keep Akshat or wheat seeds on to your hand and resite or Listen to the Karwa Chauth Story.
  • When the story is finished tie the akshat in one corner of your Saree.
  • Now we will do aarti of Shiv Parvati and Ganesh.
  • Now we have to Wait for Moon to Rise
Moon Rise.
  • When moon rise take a chalani (sieve),Brass Vessel (in which you kept Water), Flower and go to a open area or on the Rooftop of your house or Apartment.
  • With the Help of chalani see moon and offer him water then akshat that you have tied in one end of your saree Corner. Offer him Sweets and Deep and do prayers.
  • Now with that chalani see your husband and do prayers for long life of your husband.
  • Touch the Feet of your Husbacd.
  • Now the Women will break the fast with  first sip of water and the first bite of food are offered by the husband.
  • After this all the family members will have dinner. But the Dinner should be made without onion and Garlic



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